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elenaciampa's Journal

21 May
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I taught Spanish for 10 years before having my 2 kiddos. Learned it painstakingly in school, from a host of amazing and fluent teachers from 6th grade onward through graduate school, when I finally lived in Madrid for an academic year. Gracias, Mamá y Papá. Recently back to teaching through a long-term substitute position, I realized there is no more waiting around. If my kids, 9 and 6, are going to learn Spanish with some degree of fluency, I have to get on it. I need something to jumpstart this whole thing, something to give me las ganas, or the desire, to persevere through this rough terrain I have created for myself ("Mommy, speak English! I don't underSTAND you!"). I am going to have to be a mamá who sticks to her guns. Spanish all day long, nada de ese inglés. We are going to work on an organic farm in Lucena del Cid, in a small town in Spain, for 4 weeks this summer, in exchange for room and board.